Dead Fish

A Rosy Clouds short film

Dead Fish is a Finnish atmospheric horror short: a surreal social drama that spirals into fable-like nightmare. It is set in an ancient cabin overshadowed by rusty autumnal forests and bordered by a brooding lake. The characters are a group of childhood friends spending at a vacation cottage whose relations are strained by a social faux pas: Elias, who used to date Roosa, is now dating Mariaana. As the heartbroken Roosa and protective Ida attempt to restrain their barely contained hurt and disapproval, Mariaana remains stubbornly unapologetic and Elias oblivious. In the course of their time at the cottage Elias goes missing, Mariaana begins to exhibit odd behavior, dreams and reality blur, and Ida and Roosa stumble into a beautiful nightmare.

Scary, odd and occasionally erotic, Dead Fish is a story about a group of friends coming to terms with new internal dynamics; and about unrestrained female desire clashing against social expectations.



Executive Producer
Rane Kurimo
Brian Honan

Associate Producers
Ondřej Martínek
Kaisu Karvala
Roberto Giachetta

Gabriela Georgieva
Brandon Mansur
Sanna Riihinen
Arttu Hanska
Oscar Karam
Heidi Aarre
Christian Berbos
Teija Fischer
Aurelie Pols and Associates

Dawn Wall
Eveliina Aalto
Sofia Tawast
Adam Lindmark
Lotta Hankimo
Jyri Saarenheimo
Jutta Koivulahti
The Family Huuskonen
Teemu Tiainen

Tero Vuorinen
Lindsay Mo
Paul Breitbarth
Billy Degge
Markus Hämäläinen
Verna Kuusniemi
Tapio Riihinen
Teddy Pisker
Maija Greis

C. Harrop
Peter Hansson-Silva
Emma-Ashley Liles
Mia Meri
Zachary Burns
Laurel Pettitt
Tuomas Anttonen
Viljami Lehtonen
Mikko Kangasmaa

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